LOA Jewellery is a unique jewellery brand inspired by the Law of Attraction.

Our jewellery is designed to be worn as a reminder that you have the power to attract more of what you want in life by simply paying attention to where you place your thoughts.

We believe that by focusing on positive thoughts, you can bring positive experiences into your life.

Our mission is to create original pieces of jewellery that combine fashion and contemporary style with meaningful concepts.

Crystals feature regularly in our jewellery ranges not only because of their striking beauty but also due to their ability to positively influence our vibrations using the natural energies of the earth.  We source the highest quality natural crystals which also ensures that each piece is unique to you.

Hexagons are used as a signature shape in many of our designs due to their prevalence in nature. This shape appears frequently in the natural world and we use it as part of our collections to represent how a connection with nature can enhance levels of happiness and satisfaction with life.

We believe that we can change our perspectives and our lives if we choose to change our habits and thought patterns. If we can learn to focus our attention correctly, we can have power and control.

We are passionate about creating beautiful jewellery that has strong personal significance and hope to motivate, inspire and empower you in your everyday life with our collections.